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Guard Dog Security Personal Panic Alarm, Keychain, LED Light, 120 Decibels, Rubberized Body, Quick Pull Alarm, Pink

Guard Dog Security Personal Panic Alarm, Keychain, LED Light, 120 Decibels, Rubberized Body, Quick Pull Alarm, Pink

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Be Protected, Prepared, and Loud

Delivering a screeching, ear piercing 120dB siren which is audible over 350 feet away, potential attackers will be deterred, alarmed and frightened away with this personal keychain alarm. As well as shocking assailants and providing distance defense, the personal panic alarm will attract maximum attention, alerting people around you that you are in danger and need assistance.

Easy to Use

Unlike other panic alarms, the Guard Dog Security Personal Keychain Panic Alarm activates quickly and without margin of error. Even in an emergency, the quick pull keychain is fast and easy to activate by simply pulling on the alarm away from the keys, instantly producing a shocking, ear splitting siren.

Convenient, Portable Security

The perfect self-defense device for students, walkers, joggers and the elderly, the personal alarm is lightweight, compact and fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Attaching quickly to purses, backpacks, keychains and more, the panic alarm provides reliable personal security on the go, remaining conveniently accessible at all times.

Night Time Illumination

Feel even more confident and protected at night, as the panic alarm also features a convenient built-in LED light. The mini flashlight illuminates dimly lit areas with a small but bright LED, making it easy to find key holes or light the way across dark parking lots.

Guard Dog Security 120Db Personal Keychain Panic Alarm with LED Light Features

  • 120dB siren, audible over 350 feet
  • Quick pull activation
  • LED light
  • Industry-leading Guard Dog Lifetime Warranty.
  • Keychain clip
  • Measures 2.8” x 0.8” x 1.6”
  • Weighs just 1.1 ounces

Safety is no accident. Buy your Personal Keychain Panic Alarm today!

PORTABLE SECURITY: Compact and lightweight, panic alarm easily attaches to keychain, purse or backpack in a premium rubberized body
SHOCKING ALARM: 120 decibels alarm siren can be heard over 350 feet away, attracting attention and scaring off attackers
INSTANT ACTIVATION: Easy to use quick-pull keychain sounds the alarm immediately in an emergency to provide you with security
LED LIGHT: Convenient LED light allows for easy illumination at night
100% SATISFACTION: If you’re not happy with your Panic Alarm, simply swap it out, no questions asked! Plus, your Guard Dog product has a lifetime warranty

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